Our proprietary Toolkit is full of inspirational and useful Models, Games & Resources



We've developed proprietary models that can help us together unearth the right purpose for you.

  • Purpose Ladder ~ How purposeful can / should you be? 
  • Purpose Wheel ~ What routes can you find into Purpose? 
  • Archetypes ~ What’s your character?
  • Energy Flow Mapping ~ Where does Purpose get amplified or impeded in your organisation?


Purpose, we think, shouldn't all be serious. In fact, sometimes, in our experience, getting to the best answer is all about inspiring creativity, allowing for new perspectives, and having some fun. 

That’s why we’ve created a series of ‘games’, which can be played by leaders, colleagues, consumers / customers, as appropriate, to help unlock seriously good solutions. 

  • Snakes & Ladders ~ Where do you best play on the Purpose Ladder
  • Spin the Wheel ~ Trying on different Purpose Wheel roles for size 
  • Guess my Star Sign ~ Identifying your Purpose Archetype
  • Boss for the Day ~ What you might do as one our Purpose Heroes walking into to take over your business?
  • Kit of Parts ~ Identify your ‘say’ and ‘do’


Experience and learning to share with our clients to support and inspire.

  • Purpose Heroes ~ An ever-growing bank of our Purpose Heroes: companies, charities and governments from different sectors and around the world who are hitting it out of the stadium when it comes to Purpose
  • Purpose Safari ~ An inspirational tour of the Purpose Heroes that most engage you and are most relevant to your own situation. A safari to explore new geographies, sectors, ideas
  • Boot Camp ~ Short, sharp, highly-engaging and instructional coaching in the practical whys and wherefores of Purpose


Energy Flow Mapping

Many consultants analyse organisational structures and deliver change management solutions. The sad truth is that these are often dry and unimaginative and re-shuffle the problems rather than solving them.
We have a different approach.

All organisations can essentially be measured in terms of Energy In – Purpose, Resources, IP, Talent – and Energy Out: commercial results and social impact.

Companies can thus be visualised as wiring-diagrams or circuit boards and we can map your company accordingly, plus your whole ecosystem of suppliers, partners, distributors and retailers.

We can show you visually on this diagram where energy – be that money, ideas, resources, IP – gets amplified and where it gets impeded or stopped. The flows can be enhanced or slowed by, variously, departments, individuals, technology, processes.

By laying this out in a vivid form in front of you, we can then work out together a plan to increase the flow of Energy and Purpose.


Kit of Parts

'Kit of Parts’ allows you / your stakeholders to be architect for a day, creating both the ‘say’ and the ‘do’ for your Purpose. What’s the right messaging? Do we need ambassadors and who? What do our products and services need to look like? How does our CSR work in tandem to supercharge the Purpose?

Getting sleeves rolled-up, working collaboratively in stimulus-rich, typically 3-hour co-creation workshops, we can quickly and convincingly get to broad principles and defined workstreams to take away, fine-tune and implement. 

When we’ve either selected a Purpose, or narrowed it down to shortlist, we workshop it with consumers. We not only create a narrative and imagery around the core idea to which they add their own ideas and expressions, we also give them a gallery of suggestions:

  • Ambassadors for the cause, be they celebrities or experts or people whom the cause is aiming to help
  • Ways in which they might participate; from donating time or money; to petitioning or attending a pop-up event; from downloading an app or sharing advice
  • Channels by which the movement might best publicise itself and operate from social-media to live events

Involvement, as they say, is commitment.


Boot Camp

Short, sharp, highly-engaging and instructional coaching in the practical whys and wherefores of Purpose

In the years since we set up Core Purpose, 'Purpose' is increasingly on everyone’s tongue. Yet, Purpose can be confusing. What does it really mean and entail? Core Purpose are The Purpose Specialists, and as such we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about Purpose and getting down and dirty with practitioners around the world. 

We want to share what we’ve learned along the journey, because we’re genuinely passionate about seeing more companies, charities and governments behaving in a way that makes them and society better off.

We’ve got ‘Boot Camps’ in all our areas of activity: getting to Purpose, implementing Purpose, reimagining your CSR and / or innovating around propositions. 

Boot Camps are bespoke ½- to 2-day interactive and inspirational sessions focussed on practical tools and help for small groups of practitioners like you, led by us, but with the support and involvement of some of our ‘Purpose Heroes’. 

We can also offer one-on-one coaching, tailored to you – on-going for regular support or as a one-off – to get to grips with a specific challenge.