There is truth in the idea of people coming together over an ice-cold beer. But pressure to control your image on social media, and growing awareness of the health risks linked to heavy drinking mean that an ever-growing number of young people are increasingly shunning alcohol.

Traditionally, a drinks company would see this as a challenge. Heineken instead has been at the forefront, leading the change. They have made moderate drinking aspirational and cool via premium drinks and campaigns such as  ‘Dance More, Drink Slow’ - #DMDS - involving legendary DJ Armin van Buuren.

Heineken has also focussed on the positives of sharing a drink, working with The Human Library on ‘Worlds Apart’: a series of social experiments  that bring people of opposing views together on controversial issues, such as transgender and climate change and then offer them opportunities to find common ground by talking over a beer.

Total coverage of the #DMDS campaign surpassed 210M people. The #DMDS film became the most watched Heineken film ever, with 25.9M views. The target loved the content with +45yrs of engagement. Armin Van Buuren's track 'Save my night' was streamed over 690,000 times on Spotify.

3.5M people have viewed the ‘Worlds Apart’ video, creating huge goodwill towards the brand.


  • It’s possible to tackle problems created by your own industry in a positive, purposeful manner linked to the social effect of your product
  • “We build true human connections and break down barriers”… promoting the sociability and gradual shedding of inhibitions of moderate drinking “Latin-style”