GiffGaff starts with its members. Challenging a world where all mobile network operators were largely undifferentiated: big corporates offering complex, expensive contracts that tied the customer in and felt often exploitative – the opposite of customer-focussed!

“The idea is that if we all work together, we can really go places, not least to that Utopian place called Cheapersimplerfairercommunicating”. 

Members are the “masterminds” at the heart of everything GiffGaff does, providing support to the community; recruiting new “Gaffers”; and even coming up with growth strategies. There are simpler, fewer mobile plan options and fair pricing with monthly texts to flag possible package savings. There are no contracts and unlocked phones so members stay because they want to, not because there's a “nasty contract” forcing them to.

The approach has paid off. Launched in 2009, Telefonica-owned, but independently-run, GiffGaff is now the 3rd largest player in the UK market after Virgin Mobile and Tesco Mobile. It has won consumer watchdog uSwitch’s Network of the Year the last three years running. 


  • Consider Purpose as a way to meaningfully differentiate – even in a low interest, commoditised and low CSI-scoring category!
  • Let Purpose shape your organisation, and ask your customers to help shape your business