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Fiona Halton



“Without Purpose people sleepwalk through work and life.”

Fiona is a multi-award-winning expert in creating mass participation events that engage, unite, inspire and galvanise business leaders and global workforces alike. 

It was as Co-Director of the first Comic Relief (Red Nose Day) that she took her first steps in the world of Purpose, deploying to great effect ‘the power of one single action’ – putting on the red nose – to raise money to tackle global poverty. 

For Fiona, Purpose is the fundamental enabler for realising potential and she is passionate about connecting people, helping them “get behind a Purpose and seeing them light up when they feel a part of it”. 

She recently worked with C&A on ‘Inspiring Women’, an engagement campaign where 60,000 employees took selfies in tribute to their inspirational woman, which ultimately involved over half the workforce – double the level of the highest industry benchmarks – and drove up participation in the retailer’s volunteering programme. 

Fiona has won the Spear’s City Champion Award for moral leadership in the City, the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award for Pilotlight, and the British Sales and Marketing Award. She recently published Spark Effect.