Charlie Curtis



“I help businesses innovate to deliver Purpose.”

Charlie is an Eco-Entrepreneur and Innovation expert who has helped launch and mentor numerous corporate ventures. His impatience with slow, clunky ways of doing things continually drives him to find new, better ways to get things done.

Charlie recently co-founded DryGro, an award-winning venture growing crops using 99% less water, as well as Origin Power, which generates electricity while removing C02 from air. He is an Entrepreneurship Expert with the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Saïd Business School, where he also lectures, and he works with The Intrapreneur Lab, the world’s largest corporate social accelerator, mentoring ventures within Disney, Barclays, Pearson and BMW.

Ten years ago, a three-month voyage on a small sailing boat in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean gave Charlie the chance to reflect on his career and to change his personal Purpose to helping businesses realise the commercial opportunity of social innovation.

Charlie holds a Masters degree in Engineering Science from the University of Oxford.