Creating a movement that engages all your stakeholders, especially consumers, in collective action delivering both societal impact and commercial ROI.

Many companies or brands now have a Purpose that includes social or environmental causes. Many then delegate those causes to a charity or specialist partner and ask them to activate that societal Purpose. That’s fine but there’s something much more powerful: a dedicated Branded Purpose Movement inextricably linked to the brand or company. Such a movement can have significant measurable impact on your brand penetration, loyalty, preference and profitability as well as making a unique contribution to society.

Among the people most engaged with sustainability, half are already buying sustainably, but half are not yet translating this engagement into purchase. (Source: Kantar Worldpanel) This can be described as the Say – Do Gap.

If you want consumers' real and continued involvement, you need to create something that is creative and rewarding; that allows for lobbying/ campaigning, fund-raising, volunteering, attending events and a host of other responses; and makes them easy.

We, with the help of our Associates, have founded, branded and run some of the most successful Branded Purpose Movements ever:

  • Comic Relief, the biggest single fund-raising event in the world
  • The Big Lunch, which had 9.3 million participants last year, and is now going international in its tenth year
  • Change the World for a Fiver, which has sold 1.5 million books and triggered over 5 million individual actions

We can:

  • Design the movement with you
  • Brand it
  • Find the right partners or team to run it
  • Develop and research the best participation mechanisms for consumers
  • Activate the movement
  • Measure its impact and continue to evolve and strengthen it


Branded Purpose Movements require lateral thinking

Developing a Branded Purpose Movement that’s intrinsically linked to your product sometimes requires powers of observation and lateral thinking that we try to build in to our development tools.


Ford, rather than just thinking about the environmental impact of their cars and vans, has built on the truth that many of our most confidential and important conversations take place in the private bubble of a vehicle.

They have used this truth to launch a campaign aimed at tackling mental health issues by getting men to encourage each other to talk. Read more here.


Heineken have used the ability of their beer (consumed in moderation) to encourage people to meet, open up, share and listen to passionate views and thereby find connections, even with people who have opposite views. This has borne fruit in their “Worlds Apart” campaign.

They collaborated with The Human Library to introduce people of contradictory views together in a way that enables them to find common ground over a beer. 

3.5 million people have viewed the Worlds Apart video and it created huge goodwill towards the brand: Watch video here