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  • The 5Rights framework was written to ensure that all young people have clear and enforceable, basic rights when using the Internet. This will enable them to use it creatively, knowledgeably and fearlessly…

  • 5Rights aims to get the UN Charter for Children’s Rights updated to include the digital world which it preceded. It started in the UK

  • “We know ourselves, what our limits are.  We know what we want to achieve in life.  The Internet can definitely help us with that, we just need to stand up and stop the internet from taking over us. 5Rights Youth Jurist



  • Worked alongside 5Rights founder Baroness Kidron to…
  • Implement ground-breaking research using Youth Juries to capture children’s attitudes to the 5 Rights.
  • Establish the Brand Identity, PR and Partner strategy
  • Launch 5Rights with an event, report and website

We had a hugely successful launch, and reached far more people than we could have anticipated. Core Purpose was intrinsic to the early success of 5Rights.” Baroness Kidron



  • 5 Rights clearly established: The Rights to Remove, Know, Safety and Support, Informed and Conscious Use and Digital Literacy
  • 183 Organisational Signatories including the NSPCC, Sky,  BT, Mozilla, UNICEF and Barclays plus a host of influential Ambassadors
  • Reports by the Children’s Commissioners of England and Scotland; a House of Lords debate and report; Cyberbullying Action Plan; presentations and lobbying at the UN and UNESCO
  • Real possibility of changing the practices of digital providers and legislation
  • Best Practice provided for all organisations
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