Core Purpose has developed a proprietary
approach to help manage, deliver and track
the impact of Core Purpose.

It is summarised in one overall score, but identifies the strength of advocacy of all stakeholders: of employees, partners, shareholders/ investors and, of course, customers. This allows us, and our clients, to compare their overall performance with that of their competitors and to dig into the detail to manage specific programmes of work.

We call this, the business’s Overall Purpose Score, or OPS, and it can be directly related to the financial success of the business.

In fact, we believe OPS is the best predictor of the current and future value of your business, delivering as it does a more rounded view of the commitment of your various stakeholders and therefore your company’s potential for success than the Net Promoter Score you might be tracking today.

Don’t get us wrong, we think NPS, which measures current customer satisfaction, is great. However, in terms of thinking about Core Purpose, NPS is limited purely to current customers. We have thus created a composite score, which retains the elegance and simplicity of NPS but makes it more comprehensive and a vital management measure.

Overall purpose score