David O'Hanlon

associate Partner

David O’Hanlon is uniquely a Chartered Accountant who has practised marketing           and branding at the highest level.

An experienced International Strategist & Planner with deep experience of understanding clients'
business realities and changing consumer behaviour to grow sales revenue, David served on the
Executive Board of HHCL where his roles included Chief Strategic Officer, Joint MD and Head
of Innovation. He has also been European and Global Planning Director at McCann and Lowe
& Partners and was Director of Strategy at the innovative big data company Beyond Analysis.

David was the Planner of three of the most effective and famous marketing campaigns of the
last 20 years: Tango (1993 -1996), the origination of the Ronseal “Does What It Says on the Tin”
campaign (1994), and MasterCard Europe (2004-2011) 

david ohanlon1.jpeg